Monday, 13 December 2010

Unknown Epidemic

Alhamdulillah, my heart is still beating to allow me to continue my writing here. It's my pleasure to share almost anything that I've learnt through my life with you.

Do you know what's the most infectious epidemic among today's teenagers? Or maybe, to be more precise, it's referred to us? It's not out of norm to see our peers are gambling around, coupling or even ignoring the orders by The Almighty Allah such as prayer and hijab.

TODAY'S WORLD EPIDEMIC...among Muslim teenagers...
- Bad relationship with Allah
- Has phobia towards other than Allah
- Lack of Islamic knowledge
- Lack of patience
- Hedonisme
- etc.

However, today I'd prefer to stress on the bold subject only. Why?
Because I believe everything starts from knowledge. Well, knowledge is the eye of mind, right?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had also said that, "If you wanted to success in the world, you should have KNOWLEDGE, if you wanted to success in the world hereafter, you should have KNOWLEDGE, and even if you wanted to success in both world and the world hereafter, you should also have KNOWLEDGE!"

See, this is our weakness that we can't deny. Most of our teenagers are lack of knowledge or perhaps their knowledge is not wide enough to enable them to be outstanding Muslims. I'm not only talking about myself and you BUT I'm talking about US! Our Muslim brothers and sisters...

You know what?! Mosche Dayan, ex-President of Israel LAKNATULLAH had uttered with pleasure about OUR weaknesses!!! He said, "Do you know how we (Israel) can conquer the Middle East (i.e country which its majority is Muslims) with ease?? It's just simply because MUSLIMS DON'T LIKE READING! and they're TOO LAZY to do some research about their own Muslim scholars. Just imagine, we had unintentionally disclosed our secrets about chemical weapons, our soldiers and the preparation..but they; the Muslims still don't know a word about it just simply because THEY DON'T READ!" This had been quoted from Mosche Dayan while he was in Washington.

Plus, our teenagers sometimes are too addicted to entertainment produced by the Westerners.
In Islam, there's no prohibition in enjoying some entertainment but there must be the limit. Islam is flexible and universal. Allah Himself had created us with the interest towards beauty and entertainment. But remember, our Creator knows us best. So, He had made us to follow the syari'at (Islamic rules) for our benefits. See, how beautiful Islam is? and how much love He had shown to us through Al-Qur'an that although humans are always stubborn but He still want keep us out of the lies behind the world beauty & richness.

So, to myself and to my brothers and sisters, this is the right moment for us to turn over a new leaf since it's never too late to learn. Allah is All-Knowings and He is the Most Forgiving. Allah had promised to whom finding Him by 'walking', He'll come closer to the person by 'running'.


May Allah protect us from iblis syaitan & his companions. Allah bless.

Fityatun Amanu Birabbihim (Mendidik Remaja Muslim Menjadi Orang Beriman & Bertaqwa) by Dr. ABDULLAH AIDH AL-QARNI