Saturday, 14 May 2011


Read! In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Compassionate.

Assalamu'alaikum to all my lovely brothers and sisters! Alhamdulillah, for the blessings from the Almighty; to make us proud as a Muslim. Maybe this is the last post before I'm off to UiTM Kuala Pilah to further my studies in Dip. Science.

So, this post is written specially for my dedicated teachers:-
>> SK Raja Muda Seksyen 4 Shah Alam (2000 - 2005)
>> SRA Seksyen 3 Shah Alam (2000 - 2005)
>> SMK Seksyen 7 Shah Alam (2006 - 2009) 
>> MARA Junior Science College, Bentong/TAR (2009 - 2010)

And also for my supportive true friends who are always being with me during my ups and downs:-
Let me name a few of them... :)

** Nur Shahidah binti Zainuddin, you've been my best friend after a big fight...funny isn't? Aishiteru. ;)

** Siti Norsalwa binti Azmi, you're my 'bonda'..we share our secrets and trust each other. Saranghe. ;)

** Suhailah binti Abdul Jalil, sahabatku, I was so touched because you were the one who looked after me when I was sick and nobody cared much.. I still remember how you kept giving me the support I needed when I was really down without my old friends. Te quiero. ;)

** Athirah Hazwani binti Ali, sahabatku, you're very special. You helped me find the meaning of life and the meaning of being a Muslim. Alhamdulillah, maybe this is the reward from Allah to me for being patient while being a volunteer during MRSM Se-Malaysia Debate Championship 2009. Thank you ALLAH! Uhibbukifillah 'abadan 'abada. ;)

** To my lil' sis at TAR MJSC and the rest... Thank you for being my supportive friends!!! All the best in your future endeavour!


Today, i've fully grown up as a beautiful red rose with big petals surround me,
The thorns on me keep me protected,
The green chlorophylls are making food for me night and day,
I'm so grateful being who i am today;

But i realize i won't be as beautiful as i am today,
If there were no pouring rains to satisfy my thirst,
And no humus to help me absorb the magnesium and phosphorus;

i won't be as beautiful as i am today,
If there were no acidic carbon dioxide,
And no sunshine to boost electrons to excite;

You know, this natural cycle has really made me in gratitude,
Because the beauty has kept putting me in awe,
O' My LORD, thank you for introducing me to someone who has no substitute,
My beloved teachers whom fired up my spirit to explore,
The beauty of nature and the Mendel's Law;

Ya ALLAH, please accept my do'a and prayer,
To reserve your Jannah for my lovely teachers in the hereafter.

Originally written by:
April 23, 2011 ; 1300 hours
Teratak Sri Kenanga, Shah Alam.

To my devoted blog readers, I'm hoping for your constant do'a and prayer for my success and our ummah in the world and the hereafter. Syukran jaziilan. Thank you. ;)

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Bacalah, "Dengan Nama ALLAH yang menciptakan..."

Ada masanya jari ini seperti terlalu kaku untuk terus menari di atas keyboard lantaran kerdilnya diri, apalah guna mengingatkan orang lain tentang akhirat tetapi diri sendiri pun terlupa bahawa ajal itu lagi sesaat dua bakal menjelma. Adakah aku dah bersedia? Apa yang aku mahu dalam hidup ini sebenarnya? Dan siapakah aku mahu segala permintaanku ditunaikan..aku kah TUHAN atau DIA tuhanku?!

Astaghfirullah hal 'aziim.
Dengan lafaz bismillah... hayatilah video ini..semoga kebahagiaan yang hakiki itu milik kita. Ingatlah, hidup sebagai hamba tiada istilah "BERSARA" !