Friday, 17 December 2010

If not You, then WHO? If not Now, then WHEN?

By the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Today, we've seen most of our youngsters left the responsibility of preaching, doing good deeds and against the evil doings because they have lose their guts to stand for the truth. They keep finding reason so that they can let go the burden as khalifah.

But unfortunately, we must realize that no matter what, it's our duty to invite people to the right way. Although some people may say that they're not qualified enough or they're not who come from good background, but this should not be the cause for us to stay away from duty of dakwah (preaching).

Remember, no one is perfect. If you were saying that you've too much sins so that you cannot invite people to Islam as Ad-Deen, then, you were trying to say that no one is good enough to encourage people towards the truth of Islam. Because only Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the only one who has no sins. Then, just imagine... if not you..if not us...then who will continue Rasulullah mission??? WHO??

So, as the only people who are close to teenagers, by hook or by crook we have to gain wide range of knowledge, polish our communication skills and try harder to become a good role model to teens. It's so unfavourable to admit that sometimes we talk too much rather than doing. Sometimes we ignore the needs of our teens which they want to be cared and given attention. We were too busy of nagging here and there..finding their faults..but don't we realise why not we just be someone who close to them? who will lend ears for them? who will keep being patient with them? and WHY NOT we just be a good role model to them??


Though no one can avoid doing mistakes but still there's the hope to be a better one.

Just be better. And when we talk to from our inner side. Heart to heart. Walk the talk. It really touches. Trust me!

"If you want to be listened, listen to others first,

If you want to be loved, love people unconditionally,

If you want to deliver a message, be the message,

then you can be a BETTER person."

InsyaAllah. May Allah guide us to the right path. Amin.

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