Pieces of My Life

By the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Compassionate.

Growing up in such a peaceful and elite city like Shah Alam has made me become a mature teenager. What I have read and whom I have met shape my personality. They are the greatest influence in my life.

I was first introduced to an encyclopedia when I was about 3-4 years old. So just imagine how much books had influenced me through out my life. I still remember the page that I was interested so much in the encyclopedia - about How Do You Make Chocolate? I kept asking my elder sister to read it out loud for me again and again.

However, while in the kindergarten people tend to describe me as a quiet little girl. I would more prefer to stay with my teacher rather than playing with other kids. But it did not mean that I was a passive one. I played around sometimes but most of the time, I would stick with my books and loving teachers.

When I was 7 year-old, I studied at SK Raja Muda Seksyen 4, Shah Alam. It was one of the best school in Malaysia at that time and even until now. So, I made friends whom backgrounds were from rich and educated family. Sometimes, I did feeling quite inferior when I was standing among them as I am not from a silver spoon family and even worse, I could not speak English fluently.

Being as the youngest in family is an advantage for me. I received lots of support and praises. These things built up my confidence day by day. Thank you to my Pa, Ma, Along and Abang! :) I love my family.

After 6 years in primary school, I entered secondary school near my house - SMK Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. I refused to go to boarding school because I thought daily school would give me a better environment and freedom to enjoy life as a teenager. Yes, this was the starting of my heydays ! I had lots of friends, I did well in my exams, and I was active in sports too. As young as 13 years old, I hold the 1st Dan of black belt Taekwon-Do. I also received the Best Students Award every year. 

During weekends, usually I would spend my time playing futsal and going for bowling with my close friends, SZers (our nickname). I cannot deny how much I miss those happy times.My close friends know me very well. I may look so serious and  nerdy as I am a bookworm and an English debater for our school team but actually I am the one who is always being the mastermind of our cliques' mischievousness. Haha! The best quality that I have most of the time is looking innocent. :-D

Then, after PMR, I was offered to further my studies at MARA Junior Science College, Bentong, Pahang. Under its holistic programme, I have changed for the better. I learnt a lot of new things from my teachers and friends especially about life and religion. I also performed well here. But one thing that really gave an impact to  my life was the experience of being as Vice-President for Badan Dakwah dan Rohani (BADAR) - a club which responsible for religious activities in our college.

Since then, I have shifted my paradigm about being a Mukmin. Although, I have changed physically and mentally, I still keep in touch with old friends, SZers because I believe; a true friend is the one who will bring you to Jannah and always protect you from the horrible hell fire. Am I right, buddies? But this never mean that I am a pious person. I am just the one whom you knew for years but has changed for good.

I hope you will understand how much I love you and I care for you. I will never forget you in my prayer. That is why I am here, blogging and sharing the love letters from our Almighty God, Allahurabb.

Premise 1: Sharing is loving.
Premise 2: Blogging is sharing.
Conclusion: Blogging is loving. I love you guys, my dear friends!

P.S : This column is exclusively written for my special friends, old friends, best friends and whoever I call them as 'sahabat'. Thank you for being my friends!