Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Subhanallah! I'm amazed by the power of doa'!
Last few weeks, I went to a mosque nearby my house during Maghrib prayer. At the beginning, I was just coming back from my father's office and on the way home, I heard 'azan' which signified the calling for Maghrib prayer. Usually, after Maghrib there'll be a short lecture. So, I made up my mind to attend the lecture at the mosque.

If I were not mistaken, the lecture was about prostitution and its effects to society. It took about 40 minutes. Then, I prayed together with the 'imam'. This was the incredible moment that I could not forget. During 'sujud' I prayed to ALLAH like I used to do - I asked for His guidance and help with full of hopes. I really want to learn Arabic language so that I can understand better about the contents of Quran. But I don't know where's the best place to learn and what's the best way to materialized my dream. I've been as busy as the bees lately. I've no idea on how to manage my time so that I can attend Quran & Arabic language lessons.

I kept praying and hoping that one day I'll have the chance to understand Quran and practise it in my life. After praying Isya', I'd been thinking to go back but suddenly, there's a friendly woman asked me whether I was one of the students of Arabic language or not. I was surprised then, I asked her about the class mentioned. To my amazement, it was the first day of the lesson and she herself did not really know about it. But what made me more curious and grateful at the same time was the class was about how to understand Al-Quran by learning the language!

Subhanallah! I'm very grateful. ALLAH has made my dream come true!!! Without wasting time, I've joined the lesson taught by Ustaz Nik Bakri Nik Mat on every Wednesday. Awesome! The beautiful of Qur'an has really touched my heart. I hope ALLAH will shower me with His Light and guidance so that I can really make Islam as the way of life. InsyaAllah.

At last, I'd like to share this little experience with other Muslims because I'm strongly believe that if we find Him with passion, He'll show us the Way. Keep praying and always be grateful. ALLAH IS WHEREVER WE ARE. YET, HE IS VERY CLOSE TO US. THE CLOSEST ONE.

Love ALLAH, Love Rasullullah.
Wassalam. :)

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