Monday, 3 January 2011

How To Love & Be Loved??

Salam to all!
Every creature likes to be loved. So, let's spread the love!

You can be a lovable person if you know how to knock the 'door'. It will be an advantage for you if people begin to love u just by the first sight. Then, you can use 'the key' to attract people towards the beauty of Islam. And you also can use 'the same key' to be an influential and inspiring person!
GOT INTERESTED??? Keep on reading...

KEY 1# Smile with your heart.

It's a natural way to attract people. Even if you do the same thing to the anonymous. They'll react spontaneously the same. Unless you do it on purpose then, you will get zero. The 'key' will only works if you do it sincerely with your heart.

KEY 2# Open palm.

You should have positive body language. Never crossed-in your arms while talking to someone. This positive body language will show how open you're towards people around you. Let's the love 'flow' through your open palm.

KEY 3# Touch softly.

Skin is our biggest sensory organ. It is very sensitive towards environment. When you touch people, it will make them feel more secured plus, it shows that you're a warm-hearted person. That's why science discovered that baby who is more often being hugged by their parents will grow faster and tend to be brighter when he/she get older. It's also had been taught by Rasulullah. Rasulullah SAW always hug his companions when they meet each other. Trust me, the more you touch your friends, the closer both of you will be.

It's proven! BUT only under certain circumstances. You should not touch too much or too often to the people who is new to you because this will make them feel insecured and think that you're doing this for bad purpose. You CAN ONLY do it to the right people at the right times! not everyone, yeah?!

Ok, this is just a sharing of knowledge. You may share yours through the comment section. Hope it will be beneficial to our da'ie (people who teach/show the beauty of Islam to others).

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