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Twins of Faith : The Building Blocks

Bismillah arRahman arRahiim...

"Are you building a nation builder or a nation breaker???"

AsSaff 61 : 4

Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly. 

Ummah ini hanya akan berjaya dengan pertolongan Allah. Tetapi adakah Allah akan membantu umat yang lebih suka berpecah-belah? Pertolongan Allah hanya akan tiba apabila umat Islam ini bersatu umpama satu struktur yang kukuh. Satu binaan yang kukuh itu bermula dari seketul batu-bata yang ampuh. Dan ketahuilah batu-bata itu adalah diri kita, ya akhi wa ukht! 

Pembinaan ummah bermula daripada pembinaan sebuah baitul muslim yang hebat! Jadi, kepada akhwat di luar sana carilah suami yang punya kriteria-kriteria yang akan kita kongsi bersama selepas ini. Dan kepada ikhwah bakal pemimpin Islam, carilah isteri yang layak dijadikan srikandi. Punya ciri-ciri seperti mana ciri seorang srikandi. ^_^


1. Strong 
Strong is not necessarily physical strength. The most important is strong of faith. Without the strength how can he become a leader of our family? How can a man who is hardly being responsible in his 5 times daily prayer, become a responsible leader of our family? If he is not fear of Allah, surely, he'll also never "fear" of you. Huhu...

Besides that, he should also a strong man in terms of intellect and financial. So that, as his wife, we will be more secured.

2. Trustworthy understand it well. Should I describe it even more? :)

3. Background
How is his family background? Are they practising the true teachings of Islam? And one thing that we should take note is "Can I get along with my mother-in-law very well?" This question is very important to be answered because you will need his mother to win his heart and live happily as one big family. ^_^

4. Akhlaq (Attitude)
Akhlaq is much different if being compared to ethics. Akhlaq is a spontaneous behaviour that one will react when something occur. It is not related to what people think of you. Yet, it is about what Allah think who you are. So, test him to know his real attitude. (Hehe..) Knowing who are his close friends will help you a lot.  


1. Beauty (Value = 0)
Beauty is quite important to attract men because man is physically attracted. A man will love a woman who he is attracted to. While a woman will be attracted to a man he loves. Men is physically attracted while women is emotionally attracted. But remember the value is 0.

2. Wealth (Value = 0)
Wealth is a bonus if you can find one. :)

3. Background (Value = 0)
A good background will help you adapt easily to her family. So, it is encouraged to find the one who has a good background, similar culture and same social status. Or else you might find it hard in the middle of marriage. But remember, the value is still 0.

4. Deen - Religion (Value = 1)
One who is religious should not be necessarily the one who is a student of Syari'ah or the one who learns Usuluddin. Because we have to realize that the one who takes religious subject as a core in her studies may not be as religious as we expected. So, to know who is the real her, you may ask her colleagues, close friends and her teachers. Or perhaps you may stalk her secretly on social websites which she is active. Remember, a good deen is number one!

So, now let's do the mathematics! :-p

If she has the deen and beauty, her value is...
1 + 0 = 10

If she has the deen, beauty and wealth,
1 + 0 + 0 = 100

If she has the deen, beauty, wealth and good background,
1 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 1000

But, if she has only beauty, wealth and good background. She's not practising the Islam as deen (way of life). Then, her value will be only,
0 + 0 + 0 = 000

NO VALUE at all! So, don't marry her, or else you will regret!

THREE Criteria You Should Find In A Friend :-
Because Rasulullah had advised us to find a good friend. One will be just like his / her best friends. If your best friend is the one who practises Islam as a way of life, then you will most probably to be like him / her and vice versa.

1. If you see them, you will remember Allah.
2. They guide you to live life based on AlQur'an and Sunnah.
3. When they speak, they will strengthen your belief.

Always ask yourself, 
"Are you building a nation builder or a nation breaker???"

My dear brothers and sisters, we should take this matter seriously because we are the building blocks and Allah will not help us until we are united as ONE strong structure under ONE FAITH.
Till here.

Jazakumullah khairan kathira. ^_^

Twins of Faith : I'm Muslim and I'm Proud (by Sheikh Navaid Aziz)

~QueeNischK~ "My Lord show me right from wrong, Give me light make me strong, I know the road is long, Make me strong."

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