Monday, 8 August 2011

Love Letter in Ramadhan

Bismillah rahman rahim.

To my brothers and sisters out there, how's imaan? Hope this Ramadhan will urge us to improve ourselves, increase imaan and strengthen our belief. I can't write a long post as I'm using public computer in my campus. But I really hope that this post would be a meaningful share.

I grab the opportunity to read and understand the Holy Quran more in this Ramadhan. And special credits to my sister, Kak Janatul Najiha Mustapah. She's one of my seniors who has taught me a a lot about Islam. And also credits to my sister, Kak Durratun Nasuha Mohamad. She helped me a lot in the journey of seeking the truth. May Allah bless both of you.

So, let me be straight to the point. I'd just like to share the meaning of a verse in Surah Al- Baqarah:44; "Would you ask others to be righteous and forget yourselves? Even though you read your Holy Book? Have you no sense?"

This verse had really touched me and make me realize that I should not invite people to be righteous but do not practise it myself.  Therefore, I beg for Allah's forgiveness and hope this verse also will touch your heart and make us ponder. Have we no sense? Be a good example to others but at the same this is not an excuse for us to stop preaching because if we wait until become the best man, or a perfect person then only we want to invite others to the righteous; surely, there'll be no preacher in this world as no one is perfect. But be aware, we've to make our days better than yesterday.

InsyaAllah, Allah will help us. Pray a lot in this sacred month for Allah's blessings.
Hope this short post would trigger us to take action towards excellence! :) 

P.S: Please pray for my success in the coming test which will be held within these 2 weeks. InsyaAllah. Syukran. ^_^

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