Friday, 1 April 2011


In the name of ALLAH the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Sorry for the above title. I know it's quite controversy but I'm just trying to reveal the truth. I think many people would agree with me if I say that hijab in Islam is a kind of a degradation to Muslim women. Don't you think the same way too???

Do you know it's just a trick by secular media to worsen the image of Islam in the eye's of the world? Hijab is an evident that Islam really uplifted Muslim women !!

Western talk of women liberation is nothing yet it's just a disguised form of exploitation of her body and her honour. The western society claimed on how they "uplifted" the women status. On the contrary, they're just degraded the women to the status of mistresses and sex marketers. Women are misused as their product promoters, hidden behind the colourful screen of 'art' and 'culture'.

But are we too blind to see the truth?? Look! Let me show you how blind were us before this...
USA which is supposed to be one of the most advanced countries has the highest rate of rape in any country of the world. Is it what we call "advanced"? Is it what we call "modern"? And is it what we call UPLIFTED the women status???

NO!! Of course, not! According to a FBI report, in the year 1990, everyday on average 1756 cases of rape were committed in USA alone. Later, another report said that on average 1900 cases of rapes are committed daily in USA. The year was not mentioned. Maybe the Americans got 'bolder' in the following years.

Consider a scenario where the Islamic hijab is followed in America. Whenever a man looks at a woman and any brazen or unashamed thought comes to his mind, he lowers his gaze. Every woman wears the Islamic hijab, that's the complete body covered except the face and the hands up to the wrist. After this if any man commits rape he is given capital punishment.

I ask you, in such scenario, will the rate of rape cases in America increase, will it remain the same. or will it decrease?

Therefore, let me leave you, readers, with those questions to be pondered.
May ALLAH guide us to the right path. Amiin.

20 Most Common Questions About Islam by Dr. Zakir Abdul-Karim Naik

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