Sunday, 27 March 2011


Bismillahi rahmani rahiim.

How are you my brothers and sisters? Before we begin our sharing of thoughts today, let us recite AL-FATIHAH for our brothers and sisters in Middle East and Japan.

It's a common thing for most of us when something goes wrong, we'll tend to blame others instead of ourselves. We keep claiming that the whole world never understand us, people always annoying us..and bla..bla..bla... But we ourselves don't change for a better world! So how can we insist people to understand us??

The only LIFE we have is TODAY, tomorrow is promise to no one. So, why must we worry about the future that we know nothing about it! Well, there's a wise man said, "The BEST way to predict your future is by invent it." I suppose that to invent the future is by doing our BEST in the current. Don't you agree?? Hmm...

Besides that, to make the world a better place to live we shouldn't think of our desire only but we MUST & ALWAYS CARE for the others..We can do this just simply by touching people's lives. Influence others to do their best too which will affect the whole world. It doesn't matter if we just manage to touch only a few people; because just imagine, if each and everyone of us does the same thing, doesn't it have a big impact on us?

That will make our life more meaningful!! Insha Allah. :) So, why not, we enjoy listening to this beautiful song?! >> HEAL THE WORLD - Michael Jackson



  1. yep.most of the people nowadays are forgetting about the word 'WE' in everydays' life.but we'll do our best to keep the whole world united.

  2. insha Allah. With Allah's guidance, nothing is impossible!