Thursday, 3 February 2011

Signs of Creator 2 (Part II)

"Chance is Darwinists' false god,
that supposedly does everything and literally works miracles."

ALLAH is The Greatest ONE, the Almighty, the Creator of this world.

What's Darwin's theory all about?
- It's a theory of evolution which is actually not a scientific discovery BUT only imaginary by a so-called 'scientist'.

Why is it (Darwinism) created?
- To keep atheism alive and then leads to capitalism.

Based on Darwin's theory...
Evolution is made up of two mechanisms:-
i) Natural selection
ii) Mutation

Both mechanisms are depending on chance and random occurrence.
Now, let's discuss the formation of protein to argue the accuracy of Darwin's theory.
Protein is said to be formed from a single cell and later become a tissue, organ and then a system.

The odds of a single protein forming by chance are ZERO. Because every single protein has its own specific function so just imagine how can a specific protein combines randomly to form another NEW and SPECIFIC chain of proteins?? Of course, it's impossible to be happened! If a protein combines randomly surely it can't function correctly yet it might become a mutation.

Mutation is 99% harmful and only 1% is neutral (which is neither harming nor giving benefits). It also cannot add new genes but only can harm our DNA. This will cause unsymmetrical creatures.
So, how can a single protein be made by MUTATION or NATURAL SELECTION???

"And it is He who begins creation; then He repeats it, and that is [even] easier for Him. To Him belongs the highest attribute in the heavens and earth. And He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. " - [Al-Quran 30:27]

Nature cannot create things (protein). ALLAH creates things!
So, Darwinism is just to keep the atheism alive NOT a scientific discovery!

Do you know that ALLAH creates perfect symmetry on almost every creatures to the ratio of 1.618 which is also called as 'Golden Ratio'?
If you'd like to know further about it, you may search it on Google.

So, why not we listen to the speech delivered by Dr. Ahmet Oktar Babuna in the attached video to get deeper understanding?

Last not least,

"O mankind! Here is an example for your understanding, so listen to it carefully. Those deities whom you call besides ALLAH, cannot create a single fly,
even if they all combined their forces, rather, if a fly snatches away anything from them, they even cannot get it back;
so weak are (both) the seeker and the sought."
- [Al-Quran 22:73]

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