Thursday, 24 February 2011

Take The Challenge Positively!

Dengan nama ALLAH yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasih.

Entah kenapa, sejak akhir-akhir ini saya lebih senang untuk berkongsi pandangan peribadi berbanding hal-hal umum seItalicperti sebelum ini. Bukan tak ada idea, tapi dah kehabisan kosa kata agaknya untuk transform idea di kepala dalam bentuk penulisan. Agak mencabar!

Today, from the early morning till evening, I kept thinking of what I've done and learnt since two months ago. I participated in a lot of things to make me busy because I'm a curious thinker so I can't let my mind being idle as it will make my mood swings. To be frank, I've met a Portuguese man who is by chance being my English lecturer at Cambridge.

For the first few lessons, everything went smoothly. I'm getting on well with him, though. He's an experienced lecturer. But when I got into learning a new chapter in my module, here was the real struggle. I wasn't struggling because of the lessons at all, because English have been my favourite subject since a few years ago. Although sometimes it can be quite difficult, but if you're interested in it, definitely you can pull through it very well.

The problem is I never agree with the way it is taught. It's OK for him to expect me to speak, listen and think in English...but one thing, I'll never do is to imagine like I'm one of them. I mean in aspect of lifestyle. NO! NEVER!!! I'm the only girl who wears "tudung labuh" (a kind of hijab) in the FCE class but, I'm not a typical Malay woman; who is usually very shy to speak up especially in English! I'm not trying to be boast but I'm very dissatisfied with the LOW expectation. It SEEMS like he underestimates Muslim women in silence.

I take it as a challenge; and currently, I work hard to achieve my goal. I WANT to pass the First Certificate Expert (FCE) test with MERIT!!!!! I'm going to prove that Muslim women also can be outstanding even though they're practising Islam as a way of life.
ISLAM is the WAY OF LIFE! ISLAM leads us to be the BEST among the best!

InsyaALLAH, I pray to the ALMIGHTY to make me strong to face this discrimination and always keep me on the right track. And the same goes to my brothers and sisters.
Wish me ALL THE BEST in my exam in June. :)

I shall not worship that which you're worshiping.
Nor will you worship that which I worship.
To you, be in your religion. To me, in my religion.
(Surah Al-Kafiroon)

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