Saturday, 23 July 2011


In the name of Allah the Creator of this Universe, the Greatest and the All-knowing.

Bismillahi rrahmani rrahiim.
By time. [1] Indeed, mankind is in loss. [2] Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience. [3]
(Surah Al-Asr)

So, how are you, brothers and sisters? How's imaan? May Allah bless us. In today's post, I'd love to share my thoughts specifically about the precious time we "own". Perhaps some of us are used to an English idiom, "Time and tide waits for no man." But do we really practise its philosophy in our daily lives?

Look, I believe most of us are used to hear people say, "Oh my God, I've so much things to be done! What the *** I'm so busy right now! ergh..." or maybe, "Haish, I'm running out of time." or "I haven't given enough time to finish this task. So, it's not my fault."

But don't we realize that it is just a matter of giving excuses?? Imam Hassan Al-Banna had once said, "The duties of da'wah (preaching) are always more than the time that we have." So, one may think that he/she doesn't have enough time to do something but beware, it mustn't be an excuse for one not to do righteous deeds.

Because each of us has "DEAD TIME" which is not being fully utilized. What's DEAD TIME?
DEAD TIME is a short period in every day lives that is not used up to maximum. For example, the time when we are waiting for bus, when we are stuck in a traffic jam, while having meals, waiting for ordered meals, while cooking, or while wearing clothes before going to office and etc. You may list it yourself...

Usually, we don't need to be highly focused while doing such things. That's why we call it as DEAD TIME because we usually don't use our maximum capability at that time. Therefore to be a wiser man, we should fully utilize it by "adding value" to it. HOW?

Let me give you some suggestions...
We may listen to a motivational talk on the radio while driving. 
We may listen to a recorded lecture / MP3 notes while wearing clothes. 
We may read a book / notes summary while waiting for bus. 
We may read a newspaper / watch beneficial television programme while having meals. 
We may jot down a to-do list while waiting for ordered meals... 
OR at least one may recite doa' or zikrullah if one is so lethargic and just want to get some rest.

So, by doing such things, actually we have optimized our most precious gift from God - TIME 24-hour a day. Don't we??? Indeed, it is essential for all of us to read, understand and transform the words of wisdom in the Holy Quran into a repeated action which then become our habit. InsyaAllah.

All knowledge is ALLAH's. So, all praises be made to Him. May Allah guide us to the right path. Amiin.

"Time is like a sword, if you don't use it for killing, you will be killed." - Muslim scholar

So, I advise you and myself...

Wallahua'lam.  =)

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