Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Evergreen Miss World


Assalamualaikum wbt. Here we meet again! How are you, brothers and sisters?
Alhamdulillah it is a great blessings that we still alive as a Muslim. Hope all of us will grab this opportunity to keep improving ourselves day by day.

Just now, something was across my mind. Reading newspaper this morning, reminded me of someone who is so special and beautiful. Perhaps she should be awarded the title of “The Evergreen Miss World” because of her non-comparable beauty. But it’s disappointing for not having the chance to meet her at all.

It was told that her beauty can make the iceberg at North Pole & South Pole melts because of too astonish of her extraordinary beauty. The colourful flowers will spread out its petals. The sun rises from the East and brighten the day and make it a perfect morning. When she smiles, the ice at poles is melting. There will be radiant light comes from her that would make all the creatures not being able to stare at her even just for a moment. Since nobody is more beautiful than her, she is then, becoming the leader of beautiful angels in Paradise.

She is the prettiest woman in the world not because of her physical appearance nor because of her outer beauty but it is all about the inner beauty that boosted out her outer beauty and at last, has made her the most beautiful woman in the world!

She is a Muslimah who takes great care of her ‘aurat’, who performs solah at the early minutes, who speaks softly and only when it is needed, who is consistent in encouraging people to do good deeds and discouraging people from doing what ALLAH forbids. And the most important thing, she is a humble person who does every thing just because of her love towards ALLAH and not other than that.

She’s Ainul Mardhiah whose name had been mentioned in hadith.(if I'm not mistaken).

Hopefully, she can be an exemplary and a great booster for us to be a better Muslimah who can be with the Prophets & siddiqin in ‘Syurga Firdaus’ during the Day of Judgement. Amiin.

Last not least, all good things come from Allah the Greatest and any deficiency or drawback comes from my own weaknesses. Please feel free to give me any good suggestion or critics for the improvement of my blog content.
Thank you. Wassalam. :)


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